Advertising Blogs

According to Darren Rowse, there are 9 viable ways of advertising a blog:

  • Pitching other bloggers

o   One way to advertise a blog is to let other bloggers know about your posts.  If other bloggers like your posts, they may create links on their own blog to your blog.

  • Social Messaging

o   You can use social media to promote your blog, including twitter and facebook.

Twitter bird outlineFile:Facebook icon.svg

  • Social Bookmarking

o   You can use websites like Digg or Stumbleupon to increase the chances of your blog post being viewed.

Digg LogoCover art

  • Internal Links

o   You can create links on your current blog posts to past blog posts.  This can increase the amount of time people spend on your blog.

  • Newsletter

o   If you write a newsletter, be sure to include links to your best and most popular posts.  If the posts are well-written and relevant, they will be highlighted over other posts.

  • Other blogs’ comment sections and forums

o   If you find you have a blog post that is very similar to someone else’s blog, you might include a link to your blog in their comment section or forum.  This should only be done sparingly, because too much self-promotion creates a poor reputation.

  • Email Signatures

o   You can add a link to your blog in your email signature so that everyone you email has a direct link to your site.

  • Follow-up Posts

o   Following up your posts with newer ones gives your blog a sense of momentum to viewers.  It looks as though you are building up to something by giving continual attention to a relevant idea.

  • Pay for Advertising

o   Once your blog has grown in popularity, it might be smart to think about paying for advertising.  This can promote your blog on many different platforms to reach more viewers.

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