PowerPoint vs. Prezi

PowerPoint is good because it has been around for a long time.  I am very comfortable with PowerPoint and its layout is very user-friendly.  It’s simple to add a new slide and incorporate pictures, text, and symbols on the same page.

The downside of PowerPoint is that all presentations look basically the same.  You are very limited on creativity and showing a unique design.

Prezi is good because you have a lot more artistic freedom within their different layouts.  There are many different templates that you can use, and this variety allows for a unique presentation.

The downside of Prezi is that it takes a lot more time to create a presentation.  Adding new slides and positioning them correctly is a lot more work than simply pressing “new slide” in PowerPoint.

All in all, I liked both formats.  I found Prezi to be more exciting to use because it was something new.  There was also a lot more involved in designing a presentation on Prezi, which was fun experiment with.  I think I prefer Prezi if I have enough time to invest in a quality presentation.  PowerPoint, though, will always be my backup when I need to do something quickly.


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